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The Heart of the Castle (Amazon)
The Heart of the Castle (Barnes & Noble)

Once upon a time, a young prince was condemned because of unsuitable interests. Beaten and imprisoned in a stone cell with only a mechanical Eye as a window to the world, he expected to die. Instead he went mad, as those with too close a relationship to the Demons Bay are likely to do.

For 500 years he has manipulated the affairs of the Kingdom of Galanos, destroying Kings and Clan alike at his whim.

Now, looking out into the palace that might have been his, he sees something he wants. He's going to try to take it.

Tradition (Sample Pages)

No One Argued with the Mountain (Sample Pages)

The common knowledge said that one who argued with a mountain would find himself under it. As the healer for her small village, Blod Lady Ona had seen the results of that decision more times than she could count. Many returned from hiking the caves with no memory of what happened to them there, but with a fear of darkness and voices singing.

Then a young Blod lord returns with a partial memory, and Ona is forced to acknowledge that what she had always believed--about her own history, the mountain and her role--may not be accurate.

As if the young Blod man's return triggered something, the mountain begins to make demands. Return the one who escaped, or those trapped under the stones will die.


Guardian (Sample Pages)

Guardian of the Soul of Tien

Young Lord Orin never expected to be defending the infant princess from unknown enemies in a desperate race across the continent to the place where her father said she would be safe--a village deep in the wilderness of Linan, where the Soul of Tien would be protected until she could take her throne.

But the village is abandoned, the only remaining inhabitants the ancient forest of sentient trees which have their own oath to fulfill. Protect the Soul.

The fates of two kingdoms hang in the balance.

It is time for Lord Orin to fulfill a destiny he's never dreamed of; to die and live again, to become something more than human. More than just the Guardian of the Soul.

DemonsBay Series:

DemonBorn (Sample Pages)

Ilin believes that she is the only one of her kind--a semi-aquatic shape-shifter adopted by a human Lander family. Distrusted, banished and exiled, she has no intention of leaving until her family is safe.

Kobi is Ilin's sister, a human mage in a world where differences are not trusted. Fighting against the aristocratic Blod that her people were designed to protect goes against the grain, but with Ilin's life on the line she has to make a choice.

The two sisters stand together in a war between Blod, Clans, and the native ameso who want their world back.

UnderHill (Sample Pages)

In a world violently allergic to change

Ilin Sibir is the only one of her kind, a semi-aquatic shape-shifter among the human population of Heguel. Able to take any shape, she has been given a place as an undercover operative on an administrative team.

Their assignment: Find and incarcerate a serial killer known to be of the blod. Learning his identity is the first step, and only Enna will be able to do what is necessary. To most of the Clans, the blod are untouchable.

Buried in his records, a hint that one of his victims was something other than human.

Ilin may not be alone.

UnderSea (Sample Pages)

The whole village was dead, the people decapitated and even the heads of the children missing when Ilin's team arrived. The southern administrator said they were pirates, but who killed them?

As leader of the team sent to stop the pirates who had been attacking up and down the coast, to Ameso Ilin it looks like a warning, a deliberate slap at...someone.

Everything she sees tells her that the southern administrator can't be trusted, the threat still exists and those people were killed for a reason. They were not pirates.

When she questions her surperiors one too many times she's sent out to find the answers. Straight into a war between a 3000 year old blod man and a mad genetic administrator.

UnderSea, the Traitor waits to fulfill his destiny.

DemonTaint (Sample Pages)

Lady Motsu Inata

Lady Inata disappeared years ago. Found by a nameless woman in a cottage that moved from place to place on a daily basis, she struggles with raising and caring for children who are not her own and never seem to age in a timeless solitude that becomes more and more dangerous as time passes—time that the nameless woman, with the evil of the Demons Bay deep in her eyes, would deny entirely if she could.

Kobi Sibir

When Kobi returned from her two years of service to the blod, she was given one instruction by the Administrators--find out how many ameso there are so that the "infestation" can be contained.

The administrators feel that the native ameso, semi-aquatic shape shifters, cannot be trusted in the "human" lands. Kobi doesn't agree, but she must appear to acquiesce. So a journey begins toward the Demons Bay that the ameso call home. Toward the cottage.

Like all evil things, the Demons Bay must either own what is good, or destroy it.

BayStorm (Sample Pages)

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