Spirit Novels

Spirit (Amazon)
Spirit (Barnes & Noble)

An Urban Fantasy Novella

Valerian (Val) Howell has no intention of using the Spirit skills she was born with, until she stands over the body of another spirit worker at a murder scene.

At that point she has a choice.  It's either use those skills or get flattened, with the dubious help of an irritatingly attractive coworker-turned-bodyguard who just might be working for her enemies.

She's tangled in a web of memories that aren't even hers, fighting an enemy she can't see with weapons she's never taught herself to use.

Why can't anything dealing with Spirit be simple?

Dark Spirit (Barnes & Noble)
Dark Spirit (Amazon)

Spirit can be dangerous, and Inga Tarsi wants no part of it. Raised in the slums as the daughter of an illegal drug designer, she knows the dark side of Spirit more than the bright. Trapped by her history, she suppresses her skills and uses them only for simple healings on her friends.

But someone has learned her secret; someone who sees no need to hold back—even against family.

Why can't anything dealing with Spirit be simple?

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